Recently, my good friend Cindy introduced me to the FANTASTIC website,  It allows people to submit photos of their dogs and their naughty adventures with a note about the incident.  If you need a laugh or merely just to feel better about your dog's behavior, this site is for you!

WARNING:  If you ever dog-sit for Henri, or plan on doing it in the future… You may not want to read this post.  Correction--  Maybe you might want to read the post, but I would prefer it if you didn’t!  Thanks!

     For those of you who have met my dog Henri, you would know that he has a slight reputation for being “mischievious,”… yeah, I guess that’s a good word for it…  For those of you who have never met him, let me share with you a few of his most memorable moments (most, if not all of them having to do with food.)  He will do ANYTHING for a quick bite.  Here are a few examples:

1.       The time he ate my chocolate “crack-berries”:  These delicious chocolate covered pomegranate pieces are delicious and addicting, and it turns out that Henri likes them just as much as I do.  After breaking into the pantry to eat half a bag, he was rushed to the emergency room to be force-fed coal in order to make him vomit as well as pumped full of liquids.  Price-tag: $200.

2.       The time we cleaned our carpets in the St Paul apartment:  In order to clean the carpets we had move all the furniture into the kitchen.  Henri played leapfrog on the furniture in order to get on top of the counter where he ate an entire stick of butter.  After a trip to the vet because of his incessant, slimy, butter-vomiting, he was 2 shots of fluid fuller, was prescribed anti-naseau medication and possibly had gastritis.  Price-tag:$300.

3.       The times he ate brown sugar: On more than one occasion I came home to find the brown sugar Tupperware open and in a pile on the living room carpet next to a guilty looking dog with a sugar crusted moustache.

4.       The times he rummages through the trash: Despite my best efforts to either put the trash receptacle up out of his reach or take it out before I leave, sometimes I forget…  Even when I do remember to do these things, I might do something like forgetting to push the chair next to the table in.  Within 30 seconds of my walking out the door, he’s on the table in the trash.  (Photos, courtesy of me forgetting my car keys and having to come back in the house to get them.  Thank you camera phone!)…

5.       And last, but not least, what I like to call “retaliation urination”:  For example, while at Jaime & Sabrina’s house if they feed the other dogs but not Henri, he will pee on the Kitchen floor just to spite them.  Or, maybe when Cindy takes Phoebe’s food dish away before Henri gets to her condo and upon sprinting to the food mat and discovering the food is not there, he will lift his leg and pee in her water dish… Yup, he’s a keeper!!

     Ever since the day I saw the Dog-Shaming website, I knew it was only a matter of time before Henri’s little mugshot would appear.  People, the day has arrived!  After last week’s flour incident, I submitted the following photo with the caption, "I walked under Mom's feet while she was carrying a bowl of flour," and have religiously checked the site since. 

     This morning upon checking the site the moment I rolled out of bed, whose guilty little face did I see??  That’s right!  HENRI!!  I'm so proud! :)

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