"Saturday Night Fever"

      About  two weeks ago, I discovered that two of my favorite games: Just Dance and Dance Central, had released new updates.  Each was complete with a ton of fantastic new songs and features.   As much as I wanted them,  I decided to be financially responsible and hold off for a while.  Maybe I could put them on my Christmas list to send to Santa?  I had to pat myself on my back, felt pretty good to stick to my “budget” (Earl would be so proud!!). 
      That all went well until one rainy day last week when I discovered that Just Dance 4’s new track list included Carly Rae Jepsen’s, “Call Me Maybe” and Dance Central 3 featured “The Cupid Shuffle”…  It was decided.  Screw responsibility (Sorry Dad)… I NEEDED these games NOW.  I had a fever, and the only thing that could cure it was a Living Room Dance Party!!!
      Upon returning home and popping those bad boys into the Xbox, I had the “Time of My Life”… Literally… As, it turns out, Just Dance 4 has a duet routine to the iconic Dirty Dancing theme!!!   Given that I watch the movie at least once a week, that I have tried the official D.D. workout video and that Cindy and I practice the lift every time we’re in a pool together, one could say that I was beyond excited!   When my initial excitement wore off, it occurred to me that since this was a duet, I might be missing a key component… mainly, a partner.  Did that stop me??  Absolutely NOT!!  I danced my uncoordinated-self around the living room with an invisible Patrick Swayze.  Little did I know, the game records your performance and plays it back when you’re finished (my guess is they know you’ll laugh so hard that you’ll give yourself a bonus ab workout after you’ve finished the actual routine).  I laughed until I cried watching my ridiculous-looking self on the television.  I twirled, jumped and dipped myself, all the while managing to look like a complete fool.  Did I care?  You bet I didn’t! 
      I knew this was too good to keep to myself and I decided to schedule a girl’s night with Steph and Sara.  I invited them over a few days later and after an hour of trying to decide what to make (literally, an hour) we decided on Anne Burrell’s pasta dish, Killer Bacon Mac & Cheese.  It was delicious!  How can you go wrong with 4 cups of whole milk, 5 cups of shredded cheese and 6 slices of bacon.  Correct answer: “You CAN’T.”  It was definitely not meant for those who are counting calories.  Oh well, we decided to splurge since we would most likely dance it off later.  DELICIOUS!!

      And then, the main event… dancing!!   
      I HAD to show Steph and Sara what they’d been missing out on (and let’s be honest… I still needed a Patrick Swayze for my duet).  We closed the blinds (my neighbors did not need to witness this) and rearranged the furniture so as not to hinder anyone’s sweet dance moves.  Despite our best efforts, Steph still managed to take out the coffee table.  
      We had a fantastic time and we sweat it out to songs by Carly Rae Jepsen, One Direction , and the one-and-only Rick Astley – He’s never gonna let you down!! (And he didn’t…).  Last, but not least, after they had both warmed up, I decided that Sara would play Patrick.  It was everything I hoped for and more.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house (not because it was so good, but because we looked so ridiculous that we all laughed until we cried). 
While we were having our dance party, Henri had one of his own...
For anyone who has met my dog, this will come as no surprise...

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