Happy Holidays!

  Tis the season for holiday cards! I wait for December to roll around every year in anticipation of the many holiday cards that I will receive.  I love to see the ways in which families grow and change.  Although I love seeing everyone else's cards, I would probably have to say that my favorite part of the "greeting card" season is creating my own wacky card.  My family has learned to expect the unexpected when opening the envelopes that have my return address on them.
   While "normal" family photos are great for those of us who have children etc, who really wants to see a family portrait of Kayla & Henri sitting nicely, in matching outfits?  My guess, is not many...  Therefore a few years ago, I decided to spice them up.  Each year I enlist the help of a few select friends who should consider themselves "privileged" to be a part of the madness and we turn:

----  INTO ----

2011 - The only real items in the photo are Henri & I.  The rest is Photo Shopped!

   The idea for this year's card was to portray a few of the aspects of my new job (operating room time, daily attire, and my spine instruments used during a case).  The end result:
2012 - (And in case you're wondering- yes, that's an actual spinal screwdriver and screw!)

Truthfully, this is my favorite card to date!  It's going to be hard for me to top this next year.  While I think it's fantastic, some others may disagree.  I have heard many comments, some of which included:
  1. "Your holiday card is Hilarious!  I couldn't stop laughing."
  2. "Poor Henri!"
  3. "You can't bring a dog into an operating room!" (Don't worry, I didn't--- I staged my living room to resemble one thanks to help from Sara & Steph)
  4. "I think it's great, but my daughter can't look at it without wanting to cry.  She think's you're gonna kill Henri."
AND last, but not least, my FAVORITE---

     5.  "Gee Kayla, it's kind of "Dexter-ish"

Until next December, Henri and I wish you Happy Holidays!

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