I'm Baaacccckkkk!!!

     Long time, no post...  Let's just say that I have been busier than a model backstage at a runway show-- and THAT is busy!  (Not that I personally know this, but I've seen enough episodes of ANTM to know how it works).
    2013 is in full swing and I have been busy training for my new job.  Since our headquarters are located in San Diego, CA-- I am forced to leave the frozen tundra we call Minnesota and reside in the Sunshine State for a few weeks here and there-- Oh darn...
    Before you roll your eyes and say "poor you" with the most sarcastic thoughts I have ever not heard, hear me out:  we have class and exams EVERY day and only see the light of day when making our way from the hotel to training center and again when returning to our hotels every evening.  Don't get me wrong, I love the learning and labs, but by the end of the week I am a walking zombie who is not pleased that her average nightly hours of sleep has dwindled from the minimum of 8, all the way down to 5 or sometimes even lower.  So in reality, it's a brief respite from the cold, but not necessarily surfing and sitting on the beach either!
    After each trip out there, I tried to find something fun to do as a reward for surviving training "hell".  In January, I went to Sea World.  I hadn't been there since I was a nanny years ago.  It was the same except for the $78 admission.  GOOD LORD!  $78 FREAKIN' DOLLARS!!!  Absolutely ridiculous!!!!  That said, I did have a good time...

This excursion was supposed to help me forget about work!
Even here I can't escape the Spine!!!  Thanks a lot Sea World!!!
     After surviving my second trip out to San Diego, I spent a few days hanging out with the international members of our team since they were forced to complete 2 weeks at one time (glad I didn't have to) and didn't all go home like the American employees.  Since I was the only one who was accustomed to the traffic laws in the US and who actually drove on the right side of the road on a normal basis, I was automatically selected to drive the 15 passenger van around San Diego.  For anyone who knows me and my driving skills-- they know that this may not have been the best idea.  With Jules from New Zealand as my co-pilot, we nearly made it every where we needed to be (which was better than I expected).  We only had one small incidence in which my German co-workers shrieked "is she trying to kill us"-- true story...
    After a few extra days in San Diego, I decided to head north to Los Angeles and briefly visited my friends Garrett and Brittany before flying home the following day.  I rented a car and was excited to begin my first out-of-state, solo-road trip.  All went great and I stopped at a few beach towns on the way.  Only problem I had was that I left the e-brake on for the first 30 miles.  Oops!
The international clan who adopted me for the weekend!

LOVE the way this photo turned out!  Finally got to see an
example where my Nikon D7000 proved that it was
worth the obscene amount of money I spent on it
       All in all, California is great and for the most part I enjoy my time there, but it really is true what they say-- "Home sweet home!"   That said, I am definitely going to enjoy the few days that I have at home before soon making my way back to San Diego.  See you soon CA!!

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