Dinner and a Movie

     After my busy weekend of travelling to Minneapolis to see Flashdance the musical (AMAZING!!!) and knowing that I have to be up at 4:30 tomorrow morning for an early case, I was ready to spend a lazy night on my couch with a healthy meal and a good movie.  I ran to the gym for a quick workout, did a little office work and made a delicious Crunchy Mushroom and Spinach Salad before settling in to watch what ended up being a fantastic French film called De Rouille et D’Os (Rust and Bone).  
     Both Marion Cotillard and and Matthias Schenaerts played their characters to a tee and were extremely believable as their characters.  The movie is centered around themes of loss, acceptance and learning to love and let yourself be loved.  Cotillard plays Stephanie, a woman who suffers a terrible loss after a tragic accident and is befriended by Ali (Schenaerts) and his son Sam.  The film focuses on the relationship between physically handicapped Stephanie and emotionally handicapped Ali.  While an unlikely combination, the two are exactly what the other needs.  The film is full of tragedy, hope and teaches us all not to take things or people for granted while ultimately accepting that we are not perfect and we must accept people and life as it happens.  After watching Rust & Bone, I see why it received rave critic reviews.

Crunchy Mushroom & Spinach Salad
     Not only was the movie amazing, but so was the dinner.  Since I will be travelling for work this week, my goal was to get rid of as much produce as possible.  
     When going through the refrigerator, I found that I had a TON of greens, mushrooms, celery and onions and set out to make an Asian inspired salad with these ingredients.  I sliced up the veggies and made a dressing out of canola oil, soy sauce and garlic, threw a few other things I had on hand like cashews, chow mein noodles, golden raisins and VOILA!  Delicious!  I will definitely be making this one again.


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