Live from 1st Avenue---- It's JAMES BLAKE!!!

James Blake.  Who is he?  A few months ago, I wouldn't have had a clue.  Someone whose music taste I would trust blindly recommended him to me.  They told me "I'm jealous James Blake is coming to Minneapolis.  He is amazing!"  Based soley off the recommendation, I immediately bought two tickets without even listening to his music first.  Why two?  I figured I could find someone to join me later.
     After the tickets were purchased, I went to YouTube & Spotify to have a listen.  After first listen, I was not all that impressed, but gave it another chance a few days later (after all, I did have two tickets to his show).  I must not have been in the right mood when I first listened to it, because after I tuned in again, I was hooked.  I have no idea how to explain it!  It's like electronica, pop, R&B, all mixed together???  I could not wait for May 1st to arrive!!
     As the day neared and I made sure that I would not have a case pop up and have to work that day, I set about trying to decide who to offer the second ticket to.  Winner, winner-- my friend Ashley!!!
We had a blast!!  Several double-vodka sodas later... we were feeling good and having a great time listening to J.B.  Amazing!  Definitely check him out!!
His new album, Overgrown is fantastic!

James Blake -- Limit To Your Love 

James Blake -- The Wilhelm Scream

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