Portabella Burgers with Spinach Pesto

     OMG Delicious!  I have had a craving for a burger, but since I generally do not like meat, I opted for a portabella burger instead  I chose the Portabella Burgers with Spinach Pesto recipe from Rachael Ray's The Book of Burger.  May I just say, it was AMAZING!  The mushroom caps are marinated in a balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire, olive oil marinade with fresh chopped rosemary.  Top it with spinach pesto and smoked mozzarella cheese and you've got yourself a winner!  I wouldn't hesitate to marinate the mushrooms and eat them plain if I was a little short on time because even without the pesto and other toppings, they're still great!
     Steph came over last night and we made this recipe for the first time.  After a lot of "Mmmmm"s we had both stuffed ourselves full and vowed to make these again, and SOON.  They were so easy and tasty, in fact, that I took the leftover pesto to my parent's house today and we made another batch of the burgers this afternoon.  Same response there.  "Mmmm mmmm good!!"  Don't believe me, try them for yourself!  You won't be disappointed!
Prepare pesto and toppings of Smoked Mozzarella and raw Red Onion
Grill Marinate Portabella caps
Melt cheese on burgers and spread on some pesto
Top with a few leaves of spinach and some onions

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