Forgotten Recipe-- BLT Pasta Salad

     A few weeks ago, while home visiting my parents, I helped my Mom make a pasta salad that I had completely forgotten about.  It used to have a regular place in the meal rotation-- tried and true... BLT Pasta Salad.  Pasta, BACON, lettuce, tomatoes AND SUPER EASY-- what's not to love?!?!


1)  Layer the lettuce in a 9x13 dish
2)  Combine the last 4 ingredients in a bowl and pour mixture over cooked pasta, stirring to distrbute the sauce evenly over the pasta
3)  Layer the sauce-coated pasta on top of lettuce in 9x13 dish
4)  Sprinkle cheese, tomatoes and bacon over top of the pasta and refrigerate until cold or ready to serve.

ENJOY!!  Nom nom nom :)

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