Operation "Yellow Squash" #1 - Summer Squash and Stuffing Casserole

Thank you Uncle Len!  I have yet again reaped the benefits of his wonderful garden-- this time in the form of yellow squash!
I usually just sauté the yellow squash with some onions, butter and different blends of spices to vary the flavor; that said, there is only so much sautéed squash that I can eat that way.  I decided to try and find a bunch of new and different recipes or ways to prepare the squash in order to use it all up before it spoiled.  I called it "Operation Yellow Squash".  Today's recipe uses the Yellow Squash in a Summer Squash Casserole.  Since it is only me eating the meal, I gave away a good sized portion of the recipe so I could continue on to other dishes-- I received MANY requests for this recipe after the lucky recipients tasted the casserole.  After all, I live in Minnesota... who doesn't love a good casserole?!?!?!?!
Summer Squash Casserole

With just a few common pantry items and some yellow summer squash, you can have a great tasting casserole!!

The recipe didn't specify if the squash should be peeled. I chose to do so before chopping it.

Scales are such a great thing to have in the kitchen -- I used just slightly over 2 lbs of squash for this recipe.
Grate some carrot...

Boil the squash and onions in lightly salted water for a few minutes to soften the veggies.

Drain well...

Drizzle stuffing mix with butter and stir to disperse evenly.

Layer half of the stuffing mixture into the bottom of a casserole dish.

Combine squash mixture and sour cream mixture in a large bowl...

I had a little more squash mixture than my casserole dish would hold, so I made a mini one as well!!

Evenly spread the squash mixture over the dressing mix...

Top with the other half of dressing mix...

Bake for 25-30 minutes (or until heated through) at 350°

And-- voilà!!!  A beautiful casserole that has used TWO POUNDS of my Yellow Summer Squash!!!


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