Who Says Leftovers Can't Be Fantastic?!?!

  Given that Anne Burrell’s Killer Mac and Cheese with Bacon from "Cook Like a Rock Star" serves 6-8 people, there were a LOT of leftovers from Girl’s Night.  I sent a majority the pasta home with Sara to feed her kids, but I still had enough for one last meal. 
     Expecting the deliciously appetizing version of the previous night’s meal, I opened the Tupperware to find a dull looking, dry clump of bacon and noodles.  I stood there wondering how I would possibly fix this gooey blob?  Thinking back to my days as a nanny when I would reheat mac and cheese slowly with a little milk on the stove top,  I remembered how it would always return to its creamy deliciousness.  I decide to try this approach, and… voilà!   Creamy mac and cheese once again. 

     Still not completely satisfied, I came up with the brilliant idea to broil the pasta.  (Turns out my brilliant idea wasn't so brilliant, as I have recently found a few online reviews saying that others did this as well...oops!)  Regardless... I dump it into a casserole dish and throw a quick handful of shredded fontina on top (as if the original 5 cups of cheese wasn’t enough) and put it the oven. 

Within a few minutes, I had a slightly browned and delicious looking mac and cheese. 

Ready for a taste test!

     Since my dining room table was littered with mail and other miscellaneous junk, I headed towards my couch to enjoy the meal.  I had barely set foot into the living room when I saw a blur of brown sprinting towards my final destination.  I arrived at the couch to find a familiar sight…  
"Please Mom??"
I can’t enjoy a peaceful meal… EVER.  I always have a set of beady little eyes staring at me, begging me to share…Seriously-- who can say no to that face?!?

My Ruling:  While delicious either way, if I ever make this dish again, I will definitely broil it the first time around  and…

Henri’s Moral of the Story:  “Persistence pays off”

And, once again he was right…


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